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Montessori Community of Tanzania

Montessori Community of Tanzania (MCT) was originally established and registered in 1997 as the Montessori Training Association of Tanzania; a society under the Tanzania Societies Ordinance of 1954, with ordinance number SO. NO. 8922. In early 2021 MCT had to restructure its constitutional framework and operational model to comply with the provision of the current government requirement of NGO policy and its associated act
number 4 of 2002, with its amendment in 2018.

Over the past 24 years, the Montessori Community of Tanzania (MCT) has been promoting the Montessori Pedagogy of education by supporting children’s natural growth, potentialities, and personalities to become responsible adults for the benefit of our nation. While envisioning a society in which children have affordable access to the Montessori Pedagogy of learning for their holistic development; MCT in collaboration with Seven (7) Montessori Training Centers in Tanzania has trained more than 4,000 caretakers, 2,000 daycare centres and reached about 100,000 children. Montessori pedagogy is a well-used educational concept (Child-centred) with a long history in Tanzania. Over the decades now, several thousand caretakers/guardians have been trained with the Montessori values and principles which are currently mostly practiced in nursery or daycare centers

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MCT defines its mission as “the promotion of Montessori pedagogy by supporting children’s natural growth and care.


Creating a learning environment in which children have affordable
access to Montessori pedagogy of learning for their holistic development.”



Overall Goal: A learning environment in which children have affordable access to Montessori pedagogy of learning for their holistic development.

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MCT Key Achievements

Community Programs

MCT has in place the Montessori hub program which is a community platform program for Community Voice. It is a social impact platform for community members to exchange parenting ideas (positive parenting), facilitate discussions, and develop agendas and strategies/solutions based on Montessori values and principles. The Montessori hub’s efforts include the establishment and strengthening of community child protection committees that coordinate and monitor the various entities working for child protection, raise awareness, build capacities, and stronger linkage between community members and service providers for the betterment of all children including the vulnerable. The organization holds regular annual conferences for Montessori stakeholders.

Montessori Curriculum

Without a doubt, the most valuable achievement for MCT is being the key custodian for the Montessori curriculum one of the most child-friendly approaches to learning and development.

Building Relationships

MCT has worked on building relationships with several key stakeholders such as Child Rights Organizations, Coalitions, Child Care actors, and similar stakeholders. (A member of the National Technical Working Group on ECD in Tanzania). Relationships also include a strong bond with government institutions.


We Conducted Montessori’s first-ever research in Tanzania

MCT 25Years Jubilee

Commemoration of 25 years of Jubilee of Montessori Community of Tanzania which was also attended by 500 participants including government officials from different Ministries and departments, media, artists, CSOs, and other key development partners. The 25 years Jubilee was successfully graced by Hon. Minister Dr. Dorothy Gwajima and other distinguished guests.


Renovation of 10 daycare Centres which ultimately contributed to the increased enrollment and improved quality of Montessori education provided in kindergartens settings. The renovation and extensions project focused on upgrading classrooms and other facilities such as latrines, water supply facilities, library, and furniture, as well as building capacity for teachers.

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