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Advocating for the Montessori Pedagogy of education for over Two Decade.

The Montessori Community of Tanzania (MCT) has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1997 as the Montessori Training Association of Tanzania, registered as a society under the Tanzania Societies Ordinance of 1954, bearing ordinance number SO. NO. 8922. However, in early 2021, MCT underwent significant restructuring in its constitutional framework and operational model to align with the current government requirements outlined in the NGO policy and its associated act number 4 of 2002, further amended in 2018.
Throughout its existence spanning 26 years, MCT has been a dedicated advocate for the Montessori Pedagogy of education. Its primary focus has been on nurturing children’s natural growth, unlocking their potentialities, and nurturing their individual personalities to cultivate responsible adults for the betterment of the nation.


Our mission is to provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that empowers children through Montessori principles


Empowering children through a quality learning environment that fosters equitable access to Early Childhood Care and Education for their holistic development


Our goal is to enhance an inclusive learning environment where children can access Early Childhood Care & Education by advancing the Montessori learning pedagogy in Tanzania.

Our Programmes

Dedicated to nurturing the growth and potential of Tanzanian children, MCT has been at the forefront of promoting the Montessori Pedagogy throughout the nation. Collaborating with governmental bodies and stakeholders, MCT spearheads various programs encompassing early childhood education, gender equality, economic empowerment, child protection, and innovative educational infrastructure development.

Gender Equality and
Disability Inclusion

MCT contributes to SDG 5 by addressing discrimination against women and harmful practices like child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and female genital mutilation.

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

MCT aids public and private teachers, daycare centers, and parents in enhancing Montessori learning materials.

Child Protection

We work with the government and CSOs to safeguard children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect.


MCT reaches out to women most in need, often by engaging with grass-roots and civil society organizations to address their unique needs to achieve lasting change.

Lobbying &

MCT promotes a multi-sectorial advocacy approach whereby different actors come together to address complex challenges and interrelated goals

Refresher Courses

These courses are an opportunity for Montessori caregivers and teachers to refresh their theoretical  Montessori knowledge and skills, repair their teaching materials as well and connect with fellow Montessorians

Montessori Hub/Community Outreach

The project aims to accelerate early childhood development gains by enhancing the multi-sectoral approach to young children’s nurturing care

Challenge Fund (Renovation and Extension)

These Challenge Funds are used to finance new model Montessori kindergartens and renovations and extensions to existing daycare centers.

Montessori Architect

Montessori Architecture is a design instrument for children’s learning environments.